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Amber Rivas

Livermore photographer specializing in weddings and portraits.

Serving the intentional bride and groom with photos they'll love to look back on together in twenty years.

Meet Amber

I like yellow and sunflowers, John Deere tractors, summertime, and riding my bike long distances. My favorite love story is Breakfast at Tiffany's. (As much as I love books...the movie was better.)
Most importantly, I believe in a Creator who made me to be creative. I’m happiest when I get to dream big about making beautiful things, and I want that to be reflected in my photography. I can’t wait to capture your memories in photographs of you and your loved ones!

That's me!

Meet Rue

I'm a Bay Area photographer based in Livermore, CA. The Tri-Valley (Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore) is my favorite place to take photos and there are many beautiful locations for sessions (and weddings!) right here in town. But I am happy to travel around the whole Bay Area to wherever you would like your photos taken!

Rue (aka #ruerivas) is my dream cat. Follow me on IG @amberrivasphotography and you'll be sure to see LOTS of Rue. She plays fetch with hair ties, steals tortillas from the bread box, and loves Alex more than me (even though I picked her).

She's always sitting in my lap and climbing around when I'm trying to edit my photos, and I'll probably show up to your shoot with cat hair on my shirt (don't worry, I lint roll before weddings!).

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Weddings this way

a timeless & natural feel

You've likely seen a LOT of different styles as you look for a photographer. When choosing a photographer, make sure to pay attention to their editing style. When I shoot and edit, I'm going for authentic, true to life colors, and a timeless, natural look. Your photos will be first taken in a way that makes you look your BEST, and then edited to account for variations in lighting and anything else that may need some quick touching up! If you like this style, this may mean we're a good fit.


genuine stories
true-to-life colors
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Amber Rivas

I highly recommend Amber Rivas Photography. She is so talented! They way she makes photos feel light and airy is amazing. Besides her photography skills she is a delight to be around and spend the afternoon with. She will literally crawl through bushes to get you the perfect shot! I had a blast getting my photos taken and plan on using her in the future too!

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