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Sunset at Park Winters – Anniversary Session

Ever since I started photographing weddings, I have wanted to take sunset photos at Park Winters. Leave it to Katie and Peter to fulfill my photography dreams! I always tell Alex that Katie is my most loyal client. She gets mad at me when I forget to tell her there’s a new blog post up! Anyway, these two beautiful people had their first baby almost a year ago, and now they’re celebrating FIVE years of marriage back at their wedding venue where it all started on July 10, 2015.

Who are Katie and Peter? Peter is probably the best conversationalist I know, and our favorite podcaster (maybe we’re biased). He always has a thoughtful question in mind, either about something he’s been pondering over or to get to know you better. I feel very privileged that because Katie is in my life, I get Peter along with her! Katie has been one of my closest friends for the last ten years, and she is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve met. She loves people deeply, always writes the kindest notes, and she’s always down for a good rom-com (as long as it has a happy ending).

Given that individually they are both wonderful people, it’s not surprising to me that Katie and Peter’s marriage is so joyful and full after five years. Together they make such a great team with their love for people and their caring hearts. You would have a hard time finding two people who are more willing to serve others than these guys!

The Photos

Katie and Peter – it was SO fun to hang out with you for a few hours during sunset at Park Winters. As I’ve mentioned before, Alex and I just think you’re the most photogenic couple. It is always a great time having you in front of the camera – let’s do it again for your tenth anniversary! Enjoy this sneak peek of some of my favorites from your special anniversary weekend! I know you’ve waited five long years just for that photo in front of the house. 😉

Couple celebrating anniversary at sunset at Park Winters
Couple on the balcony at Park Winters
Couple celebrating anniversary at sunset at Park Winters
Couple celebrating anniversary - up close shot of wedding rings
Couple celebrating anniversary at sunset at Park Winters
Couple in front of cottage at Park Winters
Couple wearing blue and yellow
Couple in front of Park Winters sign
Couple celebrating anniversary at sunset at Park Winters - sitting on the steps of the house
Couple kissing in front of Park Winters mansion
Couple on the balcony at Park Winters, through the double doors
Couple celebrating anniversary at sunset at Park Winters - hugging and smiling

And finally just for old times’ sake and reminiscing on wedding days…we can’t end this post without a photo of me and Katie!

You & Park Winters

It has been a long-time dream to take photos at Park Winters, and I’m so glad Katie and Peter wanted to hire me for their anniversary photos there. Are you planning a stay at the Inn at Park Winters and want some couples photos while you’re there? Maybe you’re getting married on the property? I’d love to take your photos, whatever the occasion – contact me for more info on Amber Rivas Photography services and pricing.

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