Downtown Niles Summer Engagement Photo Session

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Downtown Niles Engagement Photo Session

When Caroline contacted me about her and Kyle’s engagement session, she mentioned that they preferred an “industrial look mixed with nature.” I thought of a few different options for their location. We landed on a downtown Niles engagement photo session! It really ended up being the perfect spot. The day we set for their session turned out as the hottest day of the summer so far in Livermore…we hit 109 degrees! Fortunately for us, Fremont is closer to the Bay. There was a really nice breeze flowing through the Niles District in the evening.

Caroline and Kyle checked out the area on Google street view ahead of time, and she mentioned that they loved the downtown with all of its brick buildings and old-time feel. And they put together their outfits PERFECTLY to go with the scene! They look so put together and coordinated. And I love that Kyle’s pants go so well with the buildings in the train depot!

After we spent some time downtown, we drove over to the Niles Canyon creek area. I thought the bridge and the water and trees made for a good mix of industrial nature! We took some photos along the path and got the perfect sunlight for the last twenty minutes.

Caroline & Kyle

During our time walking around downtown Niles, I got to hear a little bit about Caroline and Kyle’s relationship. They had their first date at an animal shelter (what a unique idea!) and according to Caroline, they both just knew it was going to work out. They recently relocated to the Bay Area from North Carolina, where they went to the same university and actually worked in buildings right across the street from each other. Since they arrived on the west coast right around the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown, they haven’t gotten to do too much outside of their apartment yet…hopefully soon!

Downtown Niles Engagement Photo Sneak Peek

Caroline and Kyle, it was a pleasure meeting you two! I love how your photos turned out…you guys look so good together, and you’re great in front of the camera! Enjoy this sneak peek of your engagement session! Best wishes to the two of you (and your cat!) as you get ready to move into your new home. 🙂

Your Niles Engagement

I love exploring new places that may not seem like perfect photo locations at first glance, but turn out to be really fun like Caroline and Kyle’s engagement session! Are you looking for a downtown Niles photo session, or a photoshoot in another downtown location? Contact me for more info on my services.

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