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Create Your Wedding Invitation Online

I recently learned about a stationary company called Basic Invite. I’m not sure if they were around when I was creating my wedding invitations six years ago, but if they were, I’m so sad that I missed out! I’ve spent some time poking around their website in the last month and really enjoyed it. So I wanted to share with future brides and grooms what I’ve found to be a really simple way to create your wedding invitation online. If you’re a client of Amber Rivas Photography, I’m able to offer you a discount code for your invitations from Basic Invite as well – send me an email!

Clear wedding invitation with white script, styled with yellow ribbon

The Design Process

One thing I love about the Basic Invite site is the tons of color options available. As someone who is particularly picky about the shades of color that I like…it’s nice to be able to choose. You can change the color of each element on a card, and they offer over 180 different color options.

Next up – the samples! Basic Invite allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their custom invitation. When I was initially ordering my samples for this post, I thought There’s no way I’m going to be able to get the colors I want on a SAMPLE. I was wrong! I customized EVERYTHING, and ordered samples of exactly the colors I chose!

Wedding invitation with mountains and trees

For this post, I only ordered samples of the wedding invitation itself. It seems like Basic Invite has a pretty wide array of choices for everything else as well though. Save the dates, enclosure cards, menus, etc.

My Samples

You know I’m a fan of yellow… So of course I had to customize some of my samples to include my color. 😉 I was impressed with the modern look of a lot of their designs. They have the traditional flowerly styles and high end look with gold foil as well, but I love some simple straight lines and bold colors.

Modern blue and yellow wedding invitation with geometric patterns

One card that I thought of as pretty unique: the seal and send wedding invitation. It has a tear-off RSVP card and looks really modern with the graphics and folded design. You just fold the whole thing up, put a sticker (included!) to close it, a stamp to send it, and you’re good to go. You could even pre-stamp the RSVP card to help out your invitees.

Modern yellow fold-out wedding invitation with RSVP card

One last thing: I noticed that Basic Invite also has an engagement invitation card selection to choose from. I got one sample, and it was pretty easy to see how I could match my wedding invitations by choosing the same styles and colors.

Yellow confetti engagement party invitation that says "She said YES!"

Your Turn: Create Your Wedding Invitation Online

Like I mentioned previously, if you’re a client of Amber Rivas Photography you have access to special offers. Contact me if you’re already booked with me and want a discount code for Basic Invite.

AND…couldn’t let this blog end without a little showing of Rue. 😉 She was all up in my invitation-photographing space…but that’s ok.

Rue (grey cat) looks out the window

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