Holdener Park Sunset Photos - Family Session

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Holdener Park Sunset Photos – Family Session

On Saturday evening I got to explore a new place for a family photo session: Holdener Park! This is not a completely new place to me…I ride my bike through here all the time. But I have never used it for photos before. I think I like it! Beautiful sunset overlooking the vineyards in the distance, golden California hills, tiny wildflowers. Holdener Park is a recipe for the perfect sunset family photos.

When Susan first contacted me, we debated a lot over where to do these photos. Arroyo Trail (under construction), Robert Livermore Park, Del Valle (closed due to fire danger). We finally landed on Holdener, and we met up at the park about an hour before sunset. The lighting ended up being perfect for a family session with small kids! Speaking of the kids…I’m not sure they ever warmed up to me completely, but hey, they’re adorable and we got some great photos anyway! 😉

I love Susan’s vision for her family photos: something to get printed on a canvas to hang over the fireplace, and must include the dogs! Dogs are family too. 🙂 I also loved the outfits she chose – you know I’m always down for a yellow shirt! It went perfectly with the golden sunset in the background of their photos.

Susan, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family! I hope you love this sneak peek of photos, and I can’t wait to send you the full gallery!

Holdener Park Sunset Photos

Family with two dogs at Holdener Park for sunset photos

This might be one of my favorites:

Little girl smiling with her dogs

Ok, maybe this is one of my favorites:

Is this not the cutest sibling photo?!

If you’re wondering what this second photo is about, I was treated to a short serenade of “Let it goooo!” 😉

Your Family Photos

Are you looking to get family photos done, either at Holdener or somewhere else in the Bay Area? Contact me for more info on how I conduct my Lifestyle Sessions!

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