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Senior Photos at UC Davis

Last Saturday I finally got to shoot an outdoor session for the first time since the coronavirus shutdown happened! It has been a long three months of cancellations and staying home, but since things are slowly starting to open back up again I headed up north on Saturday evening to take some senior photos at UC Davis for these girls who are graduating in June. Alli, Audge, Cayla, Madee, and Megan are roommates who met through College Life, which is one of the Christian fellowships on campus.

We started out right in the middle of the quad taking individual shots, and then we walked over to the famed iconic UC Davis sign. Everybody else apparently had the same idea that evening. We discovered a line of groups waiting to take photos on the bricks. Well worth the wait! I can’t believe I never knew where to find this sign during my time at college. We ended the shoot on California Avenue with its perfect tree-lined goodness. I love how all of the locations turned out. Even though the sun wasn’t shining for most of the evening, all of the green makes the colors of the photos come alive.

And speaking of loving how the photos turned out – these girls cannot take a bad photo. I took HUNDREDS of photos over their two hour session, and I’m having a hard time narrowing down my favorites! Alli, Audge, Cayla, Madee, and Megan – congratulations on finishing out your senior year despite everything hard going on in the world! You all are a joy to be around, and I know wherever you end up next, your colleagues and peers will be blessed to have you around. I loved spending these two hours with you and hearing just a tiny bit of your stories. Congratulations! Enjoy these sneak peaks of your session. 🙂

Senior Photos at UC Davis – The Group Photos

I love that they wanted group senior photos together. All of these girls are roommates, and while I can’t imagine how hard it is to spend the last months of college in shelter in place, it seems like their apartment is a pretty fun place to be!

UC Davis seniors at the UCD sign
Senior girls in white dresses hugging each other
Seniors standing on the UC Davis sign
Senior girls standing in green tree shade
UC Davis senior girls laughing at UCD sign

The Individuals

Each girl got individual shots done in addition to the group photos. Even though the group ones are arguably more representative of the time spent at college, I wanted to at least showcase each of them individually here in honor of their own personal accomplishments over the last four years.






Thank you to Alli, Audge, Cayla, Madee, and Megan for such a fun time during your photo session! Congratulations again on earning those degrees!

What about you?

Are you looking to have grad photos done, either at UC Davis or another campus in the Bay Area? Contact me for more information on my sessions and Amber Rivas Photography. Graduation ceremonies may be canceled, but I like to think that one way to keep a little bit of normalcy at this time is to get your senior photos done!

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