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You've probably seen many different styles of photography. When choosing a photographer, make sure to pay attention to their editing style to make sure you love it. When I shoot and edit, I'm going for authentic, true to life colors, and a timeless, natural look. Your photos will be first taken in a way that makes you look your BEST, and then edited to account for variations in lighting and anything else that may need some quick touching up! If you like this style, this may mean we're a good fit.

You can be assured that your photos will feature your genuine reactions and feelings. I'll guide you in poses that are flattering and natural, and take many candids throughout your day as well. This gives a sort of journalistic outcome with some beautiful portraits thrown into the mix!


A look at some of my favorite galleries from different sessions.

Ryan & Amanda

A fall wedding gallery

Chris & Danielle

A summer wedding gallery

Neha & Sid

A cultural wedding gallery

Let me be the first to admit that I may have overdone it with the photos in this post. I just couldn’t choose…there are so many good ones! Especially the second set of portraits in the apple orchard – beautiful sunset lighting, beautiful apples, beautiful people. This fall wedding at The Orchard in Watsonville, CA is probably one of my favorites of the year. Can you get anything that says “autumn” better than a burgundy wedding, an October ceremony, in an apple orchard, with a barn reception? (The answer is no. Unless it involves pumpkins.)

Chris and Danielle’s wedding on June 23 happened to be on a hot sunny day, but that just makes the sunset photo time all that much nicer, right? Luckily they got to spend most of the afternoon inside getting ready hanging out with the bridal party until the ceremony at 5. My favorite part of their ceremony was watching Danielle’s father walk her down the aisle. Their family rented a special wheelchair for the day that allowed him to be raised into a standing position. What a special moment for both him and Danielle.

Neha and Sid’s relationship with each other and their friends and families was so great to watch throughout the day. Neha is incredibly detailed and organized, and planned everything out so well. Sid is kind and thoughtful, and I heard him thanking everyone around him basically all day long. Enjoy the photos!

Brian & Cheryl

an engagement gallery

Faith & Eric

an anniversary gallery

Alyssa & Justin

A couples gallery

These two met at college in the Midwest, and then they moved out here. I loved getting to talk with them about their camping trips together (they camped on Mt Diablo during that crazy wind/fire weekend, and they stayed all night until the rangers kicked everyone out at 6am!), what they were doing for the holidays, and of course their wedding day plans. 

It all started with #faithandericswipedright, and they were married in May 2016. A year later, I took their anniversary photos at Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was surprisingly empty on the beach, perhaps because it was pretty overcast and chilly. All the better for photos!

All week long leading up to this session I was hoping for some wildflowers down at Niles. We started off the evening at the staging area, walked down the path a little, and got some photos by the Alameda Creek. As the sun was setting, we hopped across the highway to Vallejo Mill Historical Park and found just what I was looking for! The little patch of yellow, though it was small, made me so glad we drove over to check it out right at golden hour.

Arroyo Mocho Trail

a family gallery

Rachel's Graduation

A graduation gallery

Baby Mason

A Newborn gallery

As a Livermore photographer, I love doing sessions that are right here in town and finding new beautiful places even just 10 minutes away from home. The Arroyo Mocho Trail has become one of my favorite spots to take photos. Alex and I used to walk this trail when we were dating, and we call it the “Livermore Arboretum”. I had no idea back then that I would have the opportunity to walk, bike, and take photos on this path as often as I do.

Rachel graduated from Concordia’s online masters program, and didn’t expect to receive a cap and gown since she opted for a day at Disney instead of sitting through the ceremony…not a bad choice! But when the robes arrived in the mail, she thought why not do a photoshoot and at least get some use out of them! After all, she worked hard for the degree and it’s always fun to celebrate a job well done. 

It was probably one of the most special photography sessions I’ve done so far and such an honor to be able to witness all of the grandparents (and great-grandma, uncle, and aunt!) meeting Mason for the first time. I loved seeing their reactions from behind my camera, and watching their emotions. It has been so cool to see Katie and Peter in their new roles as mom and dad. 

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