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Livermore Photographer specializing in weddings and portraits.

I'm a Bay Area photographer specializing in portraits and weddings. If you're a photographer, I'd love to second shoot with you. I love working with others and learning from you since we probably have different methods of doing things! If you're not a photographer...just enjoy these posts! Some of them go into details of the wedding day, some show more about the venue, and some of them just tell the story of the day from the point of view of a second shooter!

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Hello! I'm a Livermore photographer based in the SF Bay Area, and I specialize in weddings and portraits. If you're looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in Livermore or the surrounding Tri-Valley or the greater Bay Area, I'm happy to provide my services.

This page is a compilation of many of the second shooting jobs I have fulfilled over my photography career, all posted with permission of the primary photographer. "Second shooting" means that I shoot alongside another established photographer for a wedding day and help them get different angles, or often help take getting ready and detail shots so that they don't have to be in two places at a time. Because of this, many of these blog posts will focus not so much on the bride and groom's story, but the wedding day story - the details, the venue, and sometimes a behind the scenes look!

I love second shooting because it is a way for me to get out there and take photos when I don't have a wedding of my own booked, and it is always fun to learn new or different ways of doing things from other photographers. Through second shooting, I have been able to experience a variety of venues, styles, and cultures. I hope you enjoy these posts that showcase some of the unique weddings that I've been privileged to help capture.

If you are a photographer in the Bay Area looking for a second shooter for one of your weddings this year, I would be happy to assist! Send me an email with the info on the day and see if we're a good fit.

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