The Terrace Room Wedding Reception in Oakland, CA

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The Terrace Room Wedding Reception in Oakland, CA

I recently had the opportunity to second shoot a ceremony at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden and then head over to Oakland for a Terrace Room wedding reception just a few minutes down the road. As I mentioned in the Botanical Garden blog post, I was shooting with Victoria from Victoria Noelle Photography, based in Mendocino, CA. Go check out her work, she’s great! I had never been to The Terrace Room before, but as soon as I walked in I went “woahhhh” as I looked out the window.

Today I’m compiling all of my favorite photos from the evening that display what a wedding reception at The Terrace Room can look like. Beautiful views out those HUGE windows, twinkle lights and lanterns, a donut wall… Lots of stuff to see below. I’m also including some of the bride and groom portraits on Lake Merritt!

One thing that I loved about the reception room is the huge windowed walls. There is SO much natural light coming in that I didn’t need to use any flash for most of the table shots. The neutral walls made it easy to use the available sunlight during the decor shots. As a bonus for the guests, it looks out RIGHT over the lake!

Table Decor and Reception Setup

Look at those windows!

There is plenty of space in the reception room for decor, desserts, or extra tables as needed.

Terrace Room Wedding Reception Bride and Groom Portraits

Now on to the portraits…one of my favorite things about this venue was the lake right outside. Beautiful to look at through the windows, even better up close for portraits. We went out during sunset and caught some of the golden hour light.

Terrace Room Reception Hall

Going back to the reception area: here are some shots of the inside of the reception room. You can see how much open space there is, and how the bridal party entrance just came through the center of the room down to the dance floor.

Terrace Room Reception Speeches

Are you interested in having your wedding reception at The Terrace Room on Lake Merritt? Still looking for a photographer? Send me a message! 🙂

  1. Kelsey says:

    Literally obsessed with that donut wall! They are so stinking cute! 💗

  2. Sara says:

    Beautiful wedding photos! I love that they had donuts 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    These are beautiful! That looks like an amazing venue!

  4. Sara says:

    These are simply stunning!! Love the details!

  5. Michelle says:

    stunning! love the donut wall!

  6. Christine says:

    These are wonderful! I’m dying to have a client of mine to do a donut wall!

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