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Sunset Photos in Sunol – Megan’s Maternity Shoot

Megan and I have been good friends since 2007. Nothing like high school marching band to bring people together, right?! We’ve shared a lot of life experiences together…previously mentioned band trips, church retreats and missions, participating in each others’ weddings…and now she’s about to have her second son! I’m always thrilled when I get to do photos for friends; it feels less like a session and more like an hour-long hangout.

I was also thrilled to try out a new location! We went to Sunol’s Open Space Preserve and found a flowing creek, some beautiful foliage, and lots of open field to run around (perfect for Adam…what a cutie, but man that kid has some energy! 😉 ) Leave it to Megan to pick the perfect shade of teal to match the scenery – I love the way it looks during the sunset glow!

Megan and Phil, thanks for letting me take your family/maternity photos! I had such a fun time running around with you guys, and can’t wait to see Adam as a big brother! You guys will be awesome parents of two 🙂

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