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Gasworks Park, Seattle – Cory & Jon’s Engagement Photos

Meet Cory and Jon – I lived with one of them for four years and we didn’t kill each other! (Hint: Cory was my UCD college roommate…freshman year through graduation!) Although I don’t know Jon as well, I can definitely say that life with Cory is an adventure – complete with sarcastic comments and just the right amount of snark! One of my favorite things is photographing friends, and as a bonus, Cory and Jon live in Seattle and I got to spend part of the weekend with them, playing with their cats and having the best sushi experience.

These two have been dating for 6 years now, and Jon proposed at Christmastime in London on their most recent trip to visit his family! Apparently Jon was very adamant about visiting the gardens at Hampton Court Palace, so Cory knew what was coming. 😉 When we planned out their engagement shoot, I kept putting off buying the airplane tickets because we wanted to check the forecast. Of course as soon as I hit purchase, the weather experts called for rain. You can tell it’s overcast in these photos, but I love how they turned out anyway! I guess it’s just typical Seattle, and I hear typical England as well…very fitting.

Cory and Jon, thanks for letting me hang out at your house and for trusting me with your engagement photos! See you in a couple months!

Favorite!!! The purple nails and the purple hair! And of course the ring!

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