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Senior Photos at the Presidio

Here’s a secret about me: I don’t like trees. But that doesn’t mean I won’t use them for photography…and in this case, I actually really liked it! Andy chose the Wood Line at the Presidio for his senior photos, and we had so many great spots to choose from with the sun shining through the trees and the curvy path going through the mini forest. You’d never guess this was in the middle of San Francisco.

Enough about the trees – what about Andy? He’s graduating high school this year! I like to think of senior photos as a not just a celebration of graduation, but also as photos that show your personality and who you are. This wasn’t hard to do for Andy. Some things I learned in our hour together: he’s definitely funnier than me (but he believes anyone can be funny if they aren’t trying too hard), he knows a lot of interesting facts (I would probably lose to him in a trivia match), and he can climb a tree! We debated the ethics of jaywalking when nobody’s around, we walked back and forth along the wood line, and we had a fun time – Andy is a fun person to be around!

Below are just some of my favorites from last Monday…I love the colors of the tree trunks, but I also really enjoyed some black and white photos here. And of course, we had to get a photo with mom. 🙂 Andy, thanks for taking your senior photos with me! I hope you enjoyed your In-n-Out!

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