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In-Home Newborn Family Photos

Khouanchy and Josh first hired me for photos about a year and a half ago…we went to the Arroyo Mocho Trail for some fun family photos playing in the creek with their (at the time!) two children. I just love their family, and Khouanchy has become a good friend over the years. Of course I was thrilled to be able to take in-home newborn family photos for the third baby! He is only three weeks old at this point, and the debate is over whether he looks more like older sister or older brother. I think it’s a little bit of both, depending on the face he’s making at the moment!

Khouanchy and Josh are such excellent parents. Josh is a pro swaddler, and I love the way Khouanchy interacts with her kids. Seeing the way that the older two have grown over the last couple of years and are taking on the special role of older siblings was especially fun for me during these photos.

Enjoy these tiny baby smiles and snuggles! (I think my favorites are the ones where he’s grinning in his sleep, but the photos of all the kids together are definitely a close second!) Khouanchy, thank you for trusting me with your family photos once again! 🙂 I hope you guys love the way these turned out…can’t wait to send you the rest of them later this week!

Looking for an in-home newborn family session? Contact me for more info! (During pandemic times we’ll follow the guidelines of the county, and I wear a mask for all in-home sessions!)

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