Lake Merritt Engagement Photos - With Lightsabers!

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Lake Merritt Engagement Photos – With Lightsabers!

Lake Merritt this time of year is all beautiful and fall-y! While summer is my FAVORITE, I do like the changing of seasons. Something about just a difference in clothing, scents, colors. Anyway, I was really excited to take Jazze and Ken’s Lake Merritt engagement photos at the start of fall in Oakland. Their wedding will be next fall as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing Redwood Canyon (another Wedgewood venue!) in autumn.

Jazze and Ken met because Ken worked with Jazze’s mom…and she introduced them! Clearly it worked out! 🙂 I have loved following Jazze on Instagram, seeing pictures of their cats (the important things in life, right?!) and of course of their relationship. Ken takes Jazze to sunflower fields (aww!) and that’s the kind of loving gesture I can get behind!

When Jazze first contacted me about shooting their wedding next October, she mentioned that they are huge Star Wars fans…and thus would be having some Star Wars elements in their wedding! So of course they wanted to include their new lightsabers in the engagement shoot. Let me start off saying I have never considered lightsabers as something “romantic” 😉 but they worked SO WELL here! They were the perfect sunset prop, and I just love that they help reflect the nerdy aspect of Jazze and Ken’s relationship. I can’t wait to see the Star Wars touches on wedding day! I already heard a little bit about what it will be like. The wedding day is sure to be a lot of fun.

Jazze and Ken, thank you for the privilege of taking your Lake Merritt engagement photos! You guys look so great, enjoy the sneak peek!

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