World Peace Rose Garden Anniversary in Sacramento

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World Peace Rose Garden Anniversary in Sacramento

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR (well, over a year now!) since Chad and Farah’s wedding! They had their wedding day all planned out, and then changed everything up due to COVID. Their backyard wedding turned out beautifully despite the last minute alterations. And we still got to take photos at Ravenswood as well! Wherever the ceremony is held, however many people attend, whatever the details…what really matters at the end of a wedding day is that you’re married to your favorite person. You’re stuck with each other now, and in good times and bad, you’ve committed to loving them well.

I see so much love and commitment in Chad and Farah’s marriage! It was a joy to meet up with them after a year and catch up on how things are going. They’ve moved out of Livermore and into their first house (huge congrats, guys!!), they’re powering through late nights and weird working hours (I found out at the end of the shoot that Chad was on the night shift the next day!), and have made it through their first year of marriage. I loved being able to hear a little bit about their last year and what they’ve been up to.

As for the photo shoot…Chad and Farah chose the World Peace Rose Garden at the Sacramento State Capitol building. They spent their two year dating anniversary there one week before the wedding! I love sentimental photoshoot locations. They brought their wedding signs and wore the perfect outfits. I told Chad that I need him to model for me so all of my grooms have a standard to look up to! He even informed me that there is a difference between “button down” and “button up” – who knew?! Anyway, this photoshoot was such fun and despite being a little on the warm side that day, sunset proved to be a great time for these photos.

Thanks, Chad and Farah, for getting together with me for some more photos! Congratulations on your first year of marriage, and in a pandemic at that! You have such a great foundation and perspective – I’m sure the next year will be even better than the first!

World Peace Rose Garden Photos

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