Del Valle Family Photos - Golden Hills of Livermore

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Del Valle Family Photos – Golden Hills of Livermore

This was a special family photo shoot. My good friend (and one of my best returning clients!) is moving out of state. Khouanchy wanted some last photos done to remember their time in California, surrounded by golden hills and warm summertime weather. We went to the Top of the Hill at Del Valle to get some sunset photos of Khouanchy, Josh, and the kids. While it’s always a bit windy up at the top of the trail, it’s the perfect spot for active kids who love exploring.

One of my goals here was to get the “new favorite”. One photo that I took over a year ago, before the littlest member of the family arrived, has been deemed the family favorite. They got it made into a large canvas to hang in the living room. I knew when I took it that it would be a hard one to top. 😉 But now with three children, of course we had to try again. I *think* we did it! Khouanchy even brought along the old yellow blanket, forever ruined by the first photoshoot I did for their family. Long story short, we laid it down over a bunch of thistles. Lesson learned!

I had a great time hanging out with this wonderful family for an hour, running around the trail and taking photos. I’m so glad the timing worked out to take these photos before the big move date. And finally, to Khouanchy: it has been a blessing to call you friend for the last four years! I will be forever grateful for the times we have spent getting boba, planning for our businesses, walking around the park, and chatting after church. You and your family are the kind of people that made us feel at home here in Livermore when we didn’t know anyone. I’m looking forward to the day when we can come see you in Tennessee! <3

We couldn’t end the night without a photo together. Thanks, Josh, for this quick shot!

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