Peach and Coral Winter Ravenswood Site Wedding

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Peach and Coral Winter Ravenswood Wedding

Winter Ravenswood Wedding

Another wedding in Livermore – this time a beautiful peach and coral winter Ravenswood wedding. Ravenswood is a pretty simple venue – house for the reception, couple of places on the property for a ceremony. But it has a lot of hidden gems of pathways and walls and shrubbery for portrait sessions. I’m so glad Brian and Sharel set aside some time before sunset for their couples photos!

I first met Brian at work (no, not photography – we were software engineering coworkers at a network company in San Jose). We both live in the Tri-Valley area, so we took the train to work every morning. I never actually saw Brian at work, just at the train station. He told me that he was getting married in Livermore at Ravenswood in February. I let him know that I had shot a wedding there last year, and to ask if he needed any advice! He told me they were still looking for a photographer, so everything worked out nicely for each of us! I was so happy to meet his then-fiancee Sharel when we did their engagement session at Mt. Diablo.

The Big Day

Brian and Sharel’s wedding day at Ravenswood had the perfect weather. It has been freezy cold and sort of gloomy for weeks, but on February 1, it was sunny and 65! Sharel’s family flew in from India, Brian’s from the Midwest, and it was a small intimate ceremony with family and good friends. I loved how simple the day was, with handmade touches from family (Sharel’s sister made the garland on the gazebo!) and lots of talking and laughter at their lunchtime reception.

Brian’s brother told some stories during appetizers while we were waiting for the buffet to start. Apparently there was an incident in which Brian took Sharel out in a kayak and the whole thing tipped over. Don’t worry, he saved the iPhone. 😉

Brian and Sharel, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your wedding day, insisting that I eat lunch (the mashed potatoes were delicious!), and sharing your joy. You two are wonderful, and I’m sure your marriage will be the same!


Wedding gown: J’aime Bridal
Florist: TCW Planning & Decor
Venue: Ravenswood Historical Site
Cake: SweetArt Creative Baking
Catering: A Tasteful Affair
HMUA: Girl With a Curling Iron

Photos of a Winter Wedding at Ravenswood

Your Wedding at Ravenswood

Are you getting married at Ravenswood this year? Planning a winter Ravenswood wedding for next year? Contact me if you’re still looking for a photographer!

I love this place because it’s literally 2 minutes away from my house. I would be happy to photograph your big day here!

Looking for more information on this venue? Check out my article on weddings at Ravenswood Historic Site in Livermore, CA.

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