Livermore Library Couples Session Portraits at Sunset

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Livermore Library Couples Session

This Livermore library couples session is probably one of my favorites to date. Couple of reasons: 1. I LOVE the library! 2. Did you know the library has some really pretty wisteria blooms behind it, and a bunch of landscaped pathways?

Kevin and Rachel had their second date at the library where they played Azul outside on the picnic tables. Makes sense – they both love to read and play board games! Rachel told me that Kevin is one of the only people who will still play Azul with her because she loves it so much that her friends have gotten tired of it. I’m with Rachel on this one, it’s a beautiful game!

Because the library is a special spot to Rachel and Kevin, we decided to start the session there and take advantage of the pretty outdoor spaces surrounding the building. After some photos outside, we went in to take some near the back of the library. I have to say I’ve never done such a silent session before, and it was an interesting experience! Kevin and Rachel are naturals at posing, so by the time we went inside I was ok whispering and gesturing at what they should do. 🙂

After the library, we went up to Del Valle’s Top of the Hill for some sunset shots. These are some of my favorites of the day, and I’m glad we made the time to get up there! (We also got some formal headshots for Rachel during the second hour, but I’ll save those for another post…)

I loved this whole couples session, getting to know Rachel and Kevin and hearing about what they do and what their relationship is like. They are super fun to talk with, and I love the way that Kevin makes Rachel laugh (you’ll see it in some of the photos!) Rachel is even an engineer, so we speak the same language. 😉 Thanks for letting me take your photos…I hope you love the sneak peak!

If you’d like a Livermore library couples session, or really ANY location couples session, contact me and we’ll talk!

  1. Rachel Leeman-Munk says:

    We had so much fun taking these with you Amber, thank you! I never expected to enjoy a photoshoot, given how uncomfortable I am with cameras. Kevin and I giggled more in those two hours than we usually do in a week.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Cute!! What beautiful locations and I love how you captured photos in the library because that’s special to them.

  3. Chris C. says:

    What a cute couple! Love the creative shots you got in the library! Those sunset shots are so dreamy 😍

  4. Ashley K says:

    Wow these are so sweet!! Love the scenery of the tree and mountains especially!!

  5. sara says:

    What great couples photos! I love how you captured things that are special to their relationship

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