Creative Collaboration at Elliston Vineyards in Sunol, CA

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Creative Collaboration at Elliston Vineyards

As a creative small business owner, there are a lot of ways to connect with other local entrepreneurs in your town and get to know some other creative people. Rising Tide is a nationally known organization that promotes community over competition, because “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Meaning we are better off learning together and helping each other grow than trying to fight for competition and dominance! My kind of philosophy.

Mirror that has "We rise by lifting others" written on it
“We rise by lifting others.”
I love how you can see the team working in the background of the mirror.

The Shoot

My local chapter of the Rising Tide Society is called Tuesdays Together Tri-Valley. We meet up once a month to discuss a topic that helps us grow our businesses, and during a meeting a couple months ago we decided that since we have so much talent in the group we should host a styled shoot for ourselves to promote each others’ businesses.

Last Saturday the rain held off as we got together at Elliston Vineyards in Sunol and showcased everyone’s work. My favorite part of days like this is seeing others do things I couldn’t imagine being able to pull off. I’m ok at florals when I really try, and I can make signs and table settings, sure. But that’s nothing compared to seeing someone whose whole business is devoted to one craft being able to make the most stunning bouquet or well-thought centerpiece! And the lettering that was done is definitely something to be admired!

The People

Here’s the full list of vendors that participated, including four fellow photographers:

Mobile bar Wandering Well covered in green and orange florals
Is this not the cutest bar you’ve ever seen? I’m loving the floral displays, the colors, the sign, EVERYTHING.
Bride and groom with long flowing veil
White floral centerpiece
LC Floral on display!
Bride and maid of honor on steps holding white floral bouquets
Elegant place setting with gold charger, white plates, pastel green cloth napkin, and scripted name setting on a rock
Bride and groom portraits with white floral bouquet
Bride and groom portrait with white floral bouquet
Maid of honor with white floral bouquet
Bride and groom portraits with white floral bouquet
Bride and groom portrait in front of pond with white floral bouquet and flower scenery
Bride portrait and maid of honor portrait, holding white floral bouquets
Bride and groom leaning in to kiss, portrait in front of pond with white floral bouquet and flower scenery
Hand lettering on river rock
Lettering by Letterly! Lorin made these rocks for all of the attendees of the shoot!
Filipino cupcake treats on marble cake stand
Photo from behind as bride and groom look at each other
Bride holds white floral bouquet at Elliston Vineyards
Bride and groom at Elliston Vineyards
Filipino inspired desserts on cake stands
Look at these Filipino inspired desserts from Sweet Condesa! I left before the cake was cut, but let me tell you – those pandan cookies were SO good. I had two.
White bare cake on cake stand with pink flower
Bride and groom laughing; bride is holding white floral bouquet.  Elliston Vineyards in Sunol, CA
Bride at Elliston Vineyards holding white floral bouquet
Bride and groom portraits; groom whispers in bride's ear
Wine barrels at Elliston Vineyards
Mobile bar car at Elliston Vineyards
Bride at Elliston Vineyards laughs as she holds her bouquet
Bride and groom portraits in Sunol, CA

  1. lorinbaeta says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to collab again :*

  2. Jenna Fry says:

    Gorgeous photography and great description of the day!

  3. jennabear19 says:

    Gorgeous photos and description of the day! I enjoyed reading this post.

  4. I saw a couple of these shots on your instagram the other day and was like I NEED TO SEE MORE!!! Love all the details by the vendors and wish we had a Rising Tide Society here. I need to look into this. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!!!

  5. Amy says:

    These are awesome! Beautiful work!!

  6. Michaila says:

    Beautiful photos! You captured the day so well.

  7. Mandy says:

    So beautiful!! What a great shoot. Great work Amber!!

  8. How fun! Love the drink buggy!