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Why photography? My reason for the business

Why do I spend many of my weekends taking pictures of strangers and then so many hours of my limited time during weeknights editing those photos?
Is it the extra money? Sure, that’s a nice perk…it’s how I’ve been able to afford to upgrade my camera and lenses. But aside from the monetary benefit, I just really enjoy photography. Well, of course – what photographer doesn’t?

The real reason behind my small photography business – Amber Rivas Photography – is my desire to share my love for creating beautiful things, and to impact peoples’ lives because of it. I believe that I am gifted with the creative ability to see things for far more than what they seem – just ask Alex, the bland colors of the desert transform into brilliant landscapes in my head. I strive to see things for their endless potential and their creative possibilities.

I love the challenge of finding the ideal lighting for the best skin tones.I love finding and exploring new locations to take photos of.I love learning new techniques and trying out new lenses.I love the process of choosing the best photos and editing them.But most of all I love the end result.
Looking around the walls of my house, you can see how much photos mean to me. The result is not only something I’m proud to hang up for others to see, but the memories that go along with it.

If I can spend 8 hours of my day serving my clients well and doing something I genuinely love to do in the process, why would I pass up that opportunity? My goal at the end of a session is to come away with photos that display the glory of creation and reflect God’s image in the world.

Are you looking for photography services in Livermore, the Tri-Valley, or the general Bay Area? Contact me for more info.

  1. Mandy Provan says:

    So wonderful to get a glimpse into what photography means to you Amber!!! It’s such an amazing job we have!!!

  2. Alisha says:

    Beautifully said! I think for all photographers it’s always way more than the money. It’s the creative outlet, the passion inside and the fire that ignites our soul! ❤️

  3. Nicely said! You have the gift of writing too!

  4. Alissa Moore says:

    Well said!

  5. Kailey Bell says:

    I completely understand how meaningful photography is! I’m glad your getting to express yourself and serve others!

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