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Guest Post: Top Bridal Hairstyle Tips by Kirstin

Part of the purpose of this blog is not only to showcase your photography sessions, but also to include planning resources for your wedding day or photo shoot. The goal of this post is to give you some of the top bridal hairstyle tips. I’ve teamed up today with my favorite hair stylist in the Bay Area: Kirstin from Orion’s Grace blog! We’ll do some question and answer on what to expect when planning your bridal hairstyle! Let’s get started! 🙂

Knowing the wedding day is one of the biggest events in a lifetime, I wanted to share some of my best hair styling tips with you to ensure your experience is as flawless as the perfect day you’ve been planning.

Kirstin Danielle at Orion’s Grace

Top Bridal Hairstyle Tips from Kirstin

Hey there! Guess what?! It’s BLOG TAKE-OVER TIME! That’s right, you probably don’t know me so let me take a minute to introduce myself! My name is Kirstin and I am so stoked to be hanging out with you today. 

What’s your story?

One of the many things Amber and I have in common, besides being friends since kindergarten, is having a passion for creativity. Over ten years ago I took that passion and made a career of helping others look and feel their best through the art of hair styling! Creating wedding hairstyles for brides over the years has become one of my favorite things to do. There is something so sweet about being a part of such a special day. Helping brides, their friends, and family members look just as good on the outside as the joy that exudes from them is a privilege I will always treasure!

What is the number one question about bridal hairstyle tips, and where do you start?

Hair Style Options

One of the biggest things I hear from brides over and over again is, “What hairstyle should I pick for my wedding day?” And that is a great question! There are three basic bridal styles suitable for any special day. An up-do, half-up hairstyle, or completely down. While there are many variations to these concepts, the foundation of where to start your decision process is choosing one of these. During my bridal consultations, I help my brides narrow down the vast universe of infinite Pinterest inspiration with a few starter questions. Answering these three vital questions will ensure you feel the most comfortable and confident. Let me explain. 

How to Choose

1. How do you normally wear your hair?
The answer to question one gives a good indication of what you are most comfortable wearing. If you always wear your hair in a ponytail or bun, up-dos are a great option for you. Always wear your hair down but tuck your hair behind your ear? Half-up will be a great place to start looking for inspo styles. 

2. What does your dress look like?
Question number two is a fun one to ask any bride. Sometimes I just throw it in to see the look of excitement on a bride’s face when they offer to show me pictures of them in the dress they said yes to. So much thought and care goes into choosing the bridal gown of your dreams and every detail matters.

Details are the exact reason why I ask this question during a consultation. Do you have great lace applique, beaded pattern, or a keyhole on the back of your dress? Don’t hide it with your hair down; choose a style that pulls your hair up off of that stunning dress everyone will be staring at as you walk down the aisle. The style of the dress also helps narrow down whether you want a complimentary classic sleek look, whimsical curled look, or somewhere in the middle. 

3. What will the weather be like on your wedding day?
Question number three will give you a solidifying clue into what wedding hairstyle is perfect for your big day. FYI – in case you haven’t experienced it yet…heat, humidity, and wind are not friends with curled hair worn completely down. 

What are the next steps?

Once you have decided on one or two types of styles it’s essential that you book a trial appointment! Trial appointments allow you to test any hair accessories and veil placement. They allow space for you and your hairstylist to work out all of the details of your look. Communication is key in creating a look that will have your groom that much more in awe of the radiant woman he sees walking down the aisle. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you aren’t happy. When you love the placement of every strand, it will be one more added layer of confidence. We want you glowing!

What are your top bridal hairstyle tips for the wedding day?

At the end of my bridal consultation trial appointments, one of my top priorities is working out wedding day details. Timing is the biggest detail that needs to be discussed. Make a point to work these details with your stylist. Every wedding that goes smoothly can be attributed to a well-managed timeline of events. Getting ready is just the same.

How long will the bridal hairstyling take?

Your hairstylist will be able to tell you how much time will be needed for your style. You can expect somewhere in the range of 45 minutes to an hour for medium length hair. If you have long or thick hair add on an extra half hour or so.

This general rule applies for pretty much anyone in your wedding party who will need to have their hair done. Talk with your hair stylist, planner, and photographer to decide when you as the bride should get ready. This will keep your makeup and hair fresh for your time at the altar and throughout pictures.

Yes! Please make sure to include all of us when you’re planning out the timeline. As Kirstin mentioned, it’s so important to keep your hair looking great for the photos and ceremony. Whether you go first, last, or in the middle with your hair will likely depend on how much extra time you have built in, and if you’re doing a first look or not!

– Amber

How does hair fit in with my other vendors?

Coordinating your pre-ceremony timeline with your photographer is definitely important if you want to have photos of you getting ready. Creating a timeline that has your hairstylist, makeup artist, and photographer have overlapping time frames allows every moment of your preparation process to be properly captured. Most often, your hairstylist and makeup artist, if two separate people, can tag-team on getting you ready. 

Having an idea of what getting ready photos you would like captured is vital information. Share with both your photographer and hair/makeup stylists. A lot of times multiple things are happening at one time on wedding days. I always find it helpful when I know there is a certain photo my client wants to be captured and I can talk with the photographer letting them know that in about 5 minutes or so we’ll be at that moment. This gives you space to enjoy your day to the fullest without worrying about any moments or details being missed.

Yes again! I love that Kirstin mentions this. I don’t work off of a super strict “shot list” for the day, but if there is a getting ready photo that you’d love, of course I’ll grab it! It is so helpful if you let your hair stylist know so they can give me a heads up so I’m not off in the other room shooting details or photographing the guys.

– Amber

How should I prep for hair on the morning of the wedding?

Always make sure to shower the day of your wedding. Morning showers first thing are what a lot of bridal clients I work with choose and I agree. Showering in the morning allows you to start your day fresh. It lets all of your facial care products, lotions, and deodorants to soak into your skin. Plus it gives time for your body to cool down if you’re a lover of hot showers like me! Work out the details of whether or not to wash your hair with your hair stylist.

It is my preference to have each person I am styling have clean wet hair so I can prep the perfect blowout before creating the desired style. In my experience dirty hair is not the best foundation for styling. In the past, I could never guarantee if my clients were arriving with 1-day old dirty hair or day 5, if you know what I mean. The product choices I make the day of will guarantee the longevity of style. A good blow out is the best solution for perfect wedding hairstyles that will last all day. I recommend showering in the morning and re-wetting your clean hair with a spray bottle when we get ready to style.

Any last top bridal hairstyle tips?

My two last top bridal hairstyle tips will make changing clothes that much easier. Wear a button-up or robe while getting ready and know which direction you need to slip your dress on. Wearing a top that you don’t need to take off over your head after we have styled your hair means there is one less thing for your freshly styled hair to get caught on before getting into your bridal gown. When your flutters are starting to kick in, knowing the time to join the love of your life to exchange vows is nearing, the last thing you need is to be wrestling with a top trying to get it off without messing up your new bridal hairstyle.

The second part is important because if you need to put your wedding dress on over your head, I always recommend putting in accessories (veils, jeweled hairpins, floral details, etc.) after it’s on. This prevents the potential snagging, ripping, or tearing of anything! It also may help to know in advance that you will need to have an extra pair of hands. This will help with guiding the top of your dress over your head carefully moving it around your hairstyle and makeup. 

There you have it. Following my top bridal hairstyle tips, you’re destined to have a bridal hairstyle that is not only beautiful but is long-lasting and complementary to your dress and location. All while having you feel like the most confident radiant version of yourself!

Congratulations on your big day and I can’t wait to see the pictures featured here on Amber’s blog! Looking forward to chatting again soon!
Xo, Kirstin

Make sure you check out Kirstin’s Instagram, and if you’d like to get in touch with her, check out her blog: Orion’s Grace!

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