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Rattlesnake Lake in Seattle – Colleen & Scott’s Engagement

I’ve known Colleen since we were in 6th grade…when we became friends and then months later she moved out of the Bay to the PNW, from the land of sunshine and happy into the land of rain and cloudiness. Despite living in separate states for the majority of our friendship, we’ve remained close! We’ve called, skyped, chatted on AIM, played Neopets long-distance (yes, we were those kids). As we’ve grown older and gained responsibilities in life, our visits have gotten less frequent, but I was so excited to shoot Colleen and Scott’s engagement photos last month in Seattle!

For their photo session, we went to Rattlesnake Lake. We left right after church, dodging the rain…first we started down at the lake with some gorgeous views of the tree-covered hills and just the perfect amount of clouds to block out the midday sun. After that, we moved onto the trail and got some photos in the trees!

Back to Colleen and Scott – I always knew Colleen would settle for nothing less than a special kind of guy. He has to love Jesus, love Lila (her black lab!), and kill spiders for her. Among other important qualities, of course. 😉 I had not met Scott before this weekend in March, but I’ve heard all about him from Colleen and from everything she’s told me, I know they’re a good match for each other! He even proposed with a game of Clue…which was NOT rigged, he just knew Colleen would win and be the one pull the “Scott and Colleen with a ring” cards out of the envelope!

Colleen and Scott, enjoy the sneak peek! Can’t wait to be in your wedding this summer!

Don’t miss Colleen’s signature pink nails to match her hair!

My personal favorites!

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