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Livermore Family Photos – Jamie & Andrea

I love doing photo sessions with this sweet family! I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve had the pleasure of taking photos for Jamie and Andrea and their two little ones, and I love seeing them every time. This time the occasion was to get some photos for their daughter’s fourth birthday. She has grown so much since I first met them, and this particular evening she kept me laughing with her exclamations of “Let’s do this!” and “Yeah!”

Andrea specifically wanted more photos of the kids this time, so that’s what we focused on. As you’d expect, kids are kids and don’t really like to stand still for too many photos…I love the candids though! I always hope to capture a child’s personality and interests in the photos. We did a lot of looking at flowers and running across the bridge for this session! I think this may be the first time I’ve used my new zoom lens “in the wild” and these guys were the perfect subjects to try it out on.

Thank you guys for trusting me with your 2022 family photos! Let’s start off the sneak peeks with some photos of the birthday girl! Enjoy!

I love the tongue pics…and I loved that both kids did it separately! Family resemblance?! 😉

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