East Bay Parks #3: Brushy Peak - Amber Rivas Photography

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East Bay Parks #3: Brushy Peak

Finally putting the parks pass to use again! This time I went to Brushy Peak in Livermore with Rachel. We left a little after dinner so that we’d have plenty of time for hiking around, but we got a little lost on the drive there, ended up in some rush hour traffic on a divided road, and went a couple miles out of the way. Note to self: look up directions ahead of time and don’t trust Google for the next trip!

When we finally made it to the park entrance (after an unfortunate incident with a bunny in the road – don’t worry, I missed him), the trail head turned out to be pretty hard to miss. It’s right there on the edge of the parking lot, and since we got started later, I was glad there was no need to hunt around for the right trail.

We chose an easy two mile hike, and for most of it there was only a slight uphill, so it was really more like a strenuous walk. Easily done in less than an hour, and if I lived closer it would definitely be a good place for a morning walk/run on the weekends!

Just as a side note, we didn’t need the East Bay parks pass for this one! Free parking for everyone.

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