Early Morning Livermore Family Photos

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Early Morning Livermore Family Photos

Another beautiful family session in Livermore, this time early morning on a slightly (unexpectedly) overcast day! With everyone gathered together for a birthday celebration, this was the perfect time to update the family photos. It started out rather chilly, but I think we still got some great photos despite the lack of sun! And everyone in the family did SO well with their outfits! I love the many shades of blues and deep greens paired together. I’m thoroughly impressed, especially with most of the family visiting from out-of-state.

We started out with a small shot list, and took different groupings as we went along. I’m so happy with the variety and the different groups of generations represented here. Family reunions are so special, and it’s fun to get to document them in photos.

Thank you for trusting me with your family photos! I hope you all enjoy this sneak peek!

Extended family photo at the Livermore Library

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