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Arroyo Mocho Couples Photos in Livermore, CA

Another session on the Arroyo Mocho! Love it there! Eric and Veronica are two of our favorite people to hang out with here in Livermore. Our friendship started at a 9pm post-worship-practice round of video games. Eric invited Alex over by saying, “Hey, you want to come over and play a game?” Alex said sure, and I was shocked because we don’t do things after 9pm. Turns out Alex thought Eric meant for another day…but hey, it worked out!

Veronica mentioned one day that they hadn’t had photos taken since their wedding day. Of course my response was something like well let’s go take some photos then! After a couple weeks, we finally got around to picking a day and finding a fun location idea – the Arroyo Mocho and Sharetea. We decided on the Arroyo Mocho Trail because it’s always beautiful. In fact, we saw several other families and photographers out there that day. We ended the shoot at Sharetea, with a purchase of boba of course. Sharetea is an important part of Eric and Veronica’s relationship…I think they go there more than any other couple I know. 😉

I love these photos because of the fun we had taking them and the way they portray their relationship so well. Eric and Veronica, thanks for letting me take your photos and being great friends that we can always count on to be down for a random hangout when we probably should be doing other things! Your friendship is appreciated and special to us. 🙂 (Guess whose house I’m at while writing this blog…Alex and Eric are playing video games, as usual. Hi, friends!)

Arroyo Mocho


Looking for some photos of your own on the Arroyo Mocho? Contact me and we’ll set up a date! Still not quite sure? Check out this other session from the trail!

  1. Veronica

    November 28th, 2019 at 5:14 am

    Sneak blogging at our house?!

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