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A Glam Christmas Family Shoot

Maram contacted me about doing a Christmas photoshoot of her and her family at Creative Space Studios – but with a glam twist! She couldn’t make the Christmas mini date, so we set up a session for this month instead for her glam Christmas photos. I was very excited to be back at CSS to use their Christmas setup again. This time around we only used a simple setup to save time: that bold velvet green couch and the beautiful flocked tree. Maram brought her own tree skirt, a reindeer + Santa, and cheetah-print-wrapped presents to match their outfits!

Unfortunately Maram’s husband wasn’t feeling well the morning of the shoot, so it was just her and the kids. As a new mother myself, I recognize how difficult it is to get yourself and a child out of the house in one piece. Maram did it with TWO kids, tons of Christmas props, and a full wardrobe. I am SO impressed that she pulled it all together with those last minute changes of plans, and her hair and makeup still looked flawless by the end of it all! 🙂 We made sure to get some photos “with” Samer as well – Maram brought a framed photo of him!

This year as I’ve taken on more family sessions, I’ve learned that you never know how a photoshoot with kids is going to go because children are unpredictable – in the best way possible. 🙂 My favorite photos always end up being the candid ones where they’re laughing or twirling or interacting with each other. This session was no exception…we hung ornaments, danced with candy canes, and ran around. I always hope that kids can have fun at photo sessions, and I think we got some real smiles here!

Despite only having an hour in the studio, we made the most of our time, even fitting in an outfit change and many many different poses. This is only a small subset of all the beautiful photos, but I’m thrilled at what I’ve edited so far! Maram, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek! You and your gorgeous family really make these photos shine. 🙂

So beautiful!! I love this one!

Look at that dress! Actually, both of those dresses – like mother, like daughter! 🙂

Mom and two young kids standing in front of Christmas tree

Picture perfect 🙂

Thanks for letting me capture these photos for you!

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