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Baker Beach Anniversary Photos

I’ve known Faith since we were in elementary school, but we didn’t become friends until we were sophomores in high school. We grew up going to the same church, and finally became fast friends when we had to plan out a lesson for the children’s program. I highly recommend having a friend like Faith…accidental sleepovers, dry ice bombs, Audrey Hepburn, and dumb YouTube videos only begins to describe the fun we have had together.

But Faith and I are not the point of this blog post. Faith and Eric are! It all started with #faithandericswipedright, and they were married in May 2016. A year later, I took their anniversary photos at Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was surprisingly empty on the beach, perhaps because it was pretty overcast and chilly. All the better for photos!

These are my favorite photos from the session, enjoy!

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