I'm very excitable, love to be outside the house doing things, and would prefer to take on any DIY project over hiring a professional. In my spare time you can often find me either on the couch with a book or on my road bike in the county roads of Livermore. Alex (the guy on the left) is not really any of those things, and I love him all the more for it! We've been married since 2015, and our relationship constantly teaches me more about how to love well.

I could go on with things about me, and you can find some of them below in the "fun facts" if you're interested, but the most important thing about who I am is that I believe in a Creator who made me to be creative. I love making beautiful things, and I love the process of creating, whether that be in my house, in crafty art projects, or in my photography.

P.S. The yellow? It's my favorite...always has been.

this is me

about Amber Rivas - Livermore Photographer

My Passion

I am passionate about ethical living, using what I've been given for the good of others, and loving people well.
This means three things:

I love supporting small businesses that give back, or non-profits that are committed to helping people - including fair-trade and ethically sourced companies. Ask me about my favorite places to purchase clothes, jewelry, or even wedding related goods!

I believe in using what I've been given for the benefit of others, and it makes me happy to give back to causes that I believe in! I have a few favorite charities that I would love to tell you about if you're interested, and I always love to hear about your favorite organizations that do good.

I try my very best to serve my clients and to put them first. It's my hope that you leave your session feeling encouraged and uplifted.

Why photography?
I desire to showcase God's designs and use the creative skills that I've been given to bless others. When I have good pictures of myself with those that I love, I can look back and remember what we looked like and where we were, but also the emotions that we felt. The memories that come back with a good photo are irreplaceable, and I love being able to preserve them.


This is my cat and she is five year old Amber's dream come true. She's beautiful and fluffy and she plays fetch with hair-ties and straws.

I was in marching band for 4 years in high school, and played the baritone horn. Music and band classes have always been a big part of my life!

I graduated from UC Davis in 2013 with degrees in math and philosophy, and a minor in computer science. Photography is one of my creative passions, but during the work week I'm an engineer!

I love love love Joshua Tree National Park. I've lost track of how many times we've gone, but every time I just think to myself, "Man, that's beautiful!"

I have sort of an obsession with Dairy Queen - we have been to a DQ in 13 different states and counting in the last 5 years! Yes, that was definitely planned on purpose.

Alex and I started dating during our senior year of college, about a month before graduation. We got married on our old campus 2 years later, and have been married for 4 years now!

fun facts

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